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Brute Head Redesign by Quinn-Red Brute Head Redesign :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 38 0 Dark Orchid: The Baptized by Quinn-Red Dark Orchid: The Baptized :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 18 7 No Longer Man's: Fistuca by Quinn-Red No Longer Man's: Fistuca :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 67 6 Land of Scales: Ruptorsaur (Charybdisuchus) by Quinn-Red Land of Scales: Ruptorsaur (Charybdisuchus) :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 61 0 Octophant (Elepus?) by Quinn-Red Octophant (Elepus?) :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 78 15 Land of Scales: Shore Iguanadon by Quinn-Red Land of Scales: Shore Iguanadon :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 94 4 Flayer (Patriarch) by Quinn-Red Flayer (Patriarch) :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 50 2 Contemplor (Beholder) by Quinn-Red Contemplor (Beholder) :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 82 9 Corvorian (Heart Eater) by Quinn-Red Corvorian (Heart Eater) :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 57 6 T H E    E X I L E by Quinn-Red T H E E X I L E :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 60 7 Gulzig Magoht : Glutton of Kindred by Quinn-Red Gulzig Magoht : Glutton of Kindred :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 74 5 T O N G K U - S E S T R Y by Quinn-Red T O N G K U - S E S T R Y :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 33 3 Redesign of Ant Baby Devils from THINGS 1989 by Quinn-Red Redesign of Ant Baby Devils from THINGS 1989 :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 64 5 Dark Orchid: Teko Chelovek concept V2 by Quinn-Red Dark Orchid: Teko Chelovek concept V2 :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 35 5 O K I N A K U M A by Quinn-Red O K I N A K U M A :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 96 4 Yaina by Quinn-Red Yaina :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 67 0


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Brute Head Redesign
I've always prefered the more elongted head of the Halo 2/3 Brutes and I wanted to give them a go.
Dark Orchid: The Baptized
"The Baptized. Thats what they call themselves. When everybody else hid in the old colony tunnels, they were stuck to the surface, with all the post-human abominations. See these people were always a bit odd, all the oil workers were. Something about the oil "sung" to them, apparently, a hum they all shared in their heads. When the Orchid's presence shrieked in challenge to the oil's song, the bastards all snapped, stripped down to the thin synthetic membranes atop their true skin, adorned their oil coats, and plunged into the oil.
They emerged as zealots, the children of the dead god and siblings to it's child, the Polubog. They refuse to see, now they only hear, humming the FatherChild's song like the buzzing of a cicada.
The Baptized claim themselves holy soldiers of the black milk, thus they must fight it's enemy, and convert those deaf to the oil's loving coo."
No Longer Man's: Fistuca
Fistuca (Khepri by some) appeared in 1970 in Bangladesh. It dug it's way out from the Jamuna river, glistening in a light it had not experienced in millions of years. Upon emergence, Fistuca basked in the light of the descending sun to regain energy, unraveling whip like tendrils from it's shell as if to stretch. Cilia began to branch and and fuse as a membrane formed, developing proper wings within a day. Following that the creature lifted off with jetted energy from it's abdominal vents, flying like a jet propelled blimp/tank hybrid.

Fistuca flew more often in the early years due to how plentiful solar and nuclear energy was, but in recent years of the atmosphere thickening from Vastator waste, Fistuca has become significantly more terrestrial. It now commonly "grazes" in solar spots, thermal vents, or scavenges from other Vastators. She was built for a time of excess, but she still clings to a harsher era.

Upon conflict, Fistuca can incinerate the area with a jet burst from her vents, the speed and intensity creating a sonic boom which increases the range of damage. Unraveling her tendrils she can whip opponents, and with such a hefty body she can ram effectively. Her legs may appear lumbering, but they are strong enough to give her the highest and farthest leaps among Vastators, allowing her to pounce on rivals or simply escape.
With enough time her tendrils can form the wings she needs to take lift off. Though rarely she would use flight to attack, it does allow her to "bomb" opponents with acidic bi-product.
Land of Scales: Ruptorsaur (Charybdisuchus)
"The cause of nearly all strandings on this island, the largest Ruptorsaurs swim around the shore for prey of all sorts, attacking nearly anything they spot in the water, even smaller members of their kind. They come at a pinnacle size comparable to that of an orca whale, any larger and they risk death. Few reach that size due to how aggressive the species is towards itself, along with living in such a hostile ecosystem. Only the truly tenacious Ruptorsaurs earn the right to be so massive.
Ruptorsaurs are much more heavily adapted for an aquatic living than any other crocodilian, verily capable of traveling on land with only females sluggishly making the journey to lay eggs. A powerful paddle tail, flipper like feet, and flatter body makes the Ruptorsaur an effective swimmer, impossible for a human being to outswim.
Ruptorsaurs go through a very bizarre lifecycle for a crocodilian. The first stage of their life they are verily indistinguishable from other crocodiles, hunting in the swamps of the inner island. Second stage they are too large to subsist off the swamp, so they migrate to the underwater tunnels below the island, becoming more aquatic in morphology and developing larger eyes. Final stage they are far too large to live in the tunnels and move to the sea, developing tougher scales and sexual characteristics.
It is possible Ruptorsaurs evolved from Salt Water crocodiles that made a home on the island millions of years ago. Oddly enough it has developed a similar nasal structure as a Gharial crocodile, but unlike the Gharial this structure is on both sexes rather one, so its likely to help in breathing rather mating."
Land of Scales: Shore Iguanadon
"Shore Iguanadon are the first encounters of many of those stranded on this island, other than the hungry marine reptiles in the water. Around the size of a large cow, these often lazy reptiles rarely move, chewing on seaweed and coral they've aquired in the water. Their time spent digesting makes them noisy and smelly, "burping" every so often in a awful bellow.

The white scales of their head is due to sneezing out salt from their deep dives for food, gradually forming a pale crown and toughening their digging horn. The older the Shore Iguanadon, the more impressive the crown.
Males have very large spines compared to the opposite sex, likely for the purpose of attracting females.

Shore Iguanadon have a close cousin that lives upon the plain land of this island, Land Iguanadon. These are smaller in size but much more colourful and agressive.
It is speculated that these Iguanadon are descendants of Marine Iguanas who drifted upon this island millions of years ago."
Flayer (Patriarch)
Flayers originate from ancient mortals who fell into the space between universes and corrupted by unusual realities. Unlike other beings of the Void, the process for allowing a Flayer into the universe is more surgical as Flayers are more picky. An unborn host is required, the fetus marked with the Flayer's rune via cesarean, so the Flayer may be born fresh into the universe.
Flayers are calm and haunting figures, supporting their mass of neural blubber with unnaturally skinny limbs. Twin worms tusk from their mouth, producing further tendril like worms. Their brain sags upon their shoulders and spine, holding an alien genius within. Flayers desire more and more information, gained by carefully breaking open the skulls of mortals and devouring their brains.
Flayers guide the cult that obeys the Exiled God, assisting them in the production of gateways to the Void and spreading it's influence. They often feed on sacrifices, preferring the brains of mages over any other.
Flayers come in three variety.
Starved Flayers are ones who entered through a common gape rune ritual, emerging malnourished and shrivel brain, dragging its limp body towards any spource of brains.
Flayer Patriarchs are the most common form, with a healthy amount of neural blubber through out it's body aside the limbs.
Gluttonous Flayers are the largest and most powerful of their kind, their bloated brain nearly consuming their head and sagging past their chest. Their neural blubber is so bounteous they are nearly immobile, but they make up for it with vast intellect and an imposing mastery of magic and strategy.
Contemplor (Beholder)
Contemplors are a being from outside the universe, only able to enter it through multiple conjoined host slit open and bone marked with it's rune. It's size and power is determined by the number of host prepared for it, this can be seen by the number of skulls peeking from it's gape.
Contemplors manipulate reality within their gaze, producing magic from their gape will their fingers weave spells. The universe is imperfect to them and in dire need of recreation. Contemplors can make areas spirtually hazardous and the veil between universes thin, dragging mortals into the Void to be claimed by the Exile. Any living thing caught within their line of sight will slowly become ill and gradually die as the Contemplor attempts to change them. Horribly warped corpses are signs of a Contemplor's arrival.
Corvorian (Heart Eater)
Heart Eater (Corvorian) : One of the many predatorial beings of the Exiled Realm, the Heart Eater can only enter the Universe through a host. Once a host is slit open and runed with the creature's mark, they become vessel to the Heart Eater, morphed and broken into a shape similar to the creature's true body.
Heart Eaters are named so for...well its self explanitory. Four arms act as mandibles, grabbing prey to immbolize it, as a worm like tongue enters either directly through the chest cavity to the heart, or it will slither through to the heart from whatever entry point it took. The Heart Eater will store the heart amongst the still beating collection within it's transluscent torso. Heart Eaters are incredibly dangerous encounters, their spindly limbs making them agile and quick, and a arrow tipped tail that's eager to slash.
(aka me being a nerd and wanting to over think one of my favorite franchises.)

Thought I might share an idea I’ve had for a while with my ever so often ponderings of the Alien franchise and it’s lore. This will likely become obsolete after Alien Covenant comes out, but I wanted to get this out there.

In the films we’ve seen a hive established by the Xenomorphs at least 3 times (Aliens, Alien Resurrection, Alien Vs Predator though I dont realy regard that as Alien canon as much as its own universe). We’ve only ever seen hives in their early stages of development, when their still constructing the hive itself and such, which leaves the mystery of what the later stages are.

Comics and games some what explore this but verily so, generally the Aliens seem to keep to this bee like society. These are generally influenced by the James Cameron animal interpretation of the Xenomorph rather the more disturbingly clever creature of the original. I’ve had a concept that fuses the two with influence of Prometheus’s revelations and implications. Im generally playing with the indifference of machine and organic that appears in Engineer technology and the Xenomorph itself.

Stage 1: Reproduction

The hive requires a large population to begin construction, thus a Queen develops to mass produce eggs, usually in an area of available host. In this stage the Queen is main organizer, operating off of a “mother/child” relationship of sorts, though this may vary depending on host species. She communicates to her young through primitive means of pheromone and vocalization, but due to their engineered biomechanical nature a sort of “organic internet” is present, though weak.

Stage 2: Construction

Though the drones of the hive have been producing basic organic structures by using existing structures in the environment to establish the hive, it is simply in its naivety. Once the hive is at stable numbers a new morph develops from existing drones. These new drones organize for more advanced constructions, melting down any useble materials to regurgitate them for the new constructs. New chambers develop for various purposes of advancing the hive, and new morphs develop to compliment them. These new morphs are called “Dukes” and are independent of the Queen, ruling over their sections of the hive.

Stage 3: True Hive Mind

As the hive expands with more complicated structures, it begins to almost have a life of it’s own, all managed by the Xenomorphs. A neural chamber is developed which flows through the entire complex with biological machines similar to that of Engineer ships. The Hive grows increasingly efficient as it connects the Xenomorphs in a matured “organic internet”, finely tuning all sectors of the hive. The Queen and the Dukes act as nodes for information to spread more effectively, like a brain communicating to organs.

Stage 4: Domination or Death

The Hive in it’s near perfection expands to fuel itself and irradicates all life it encounters, becoming an biological industrial juggernaut. When nearly all biomass of the planet is depleted, the hive will go dormant in hopes of regrowth of prey or extraterrestrial life encountering it. If no food is available for centuries the xenomorphs, dukes and Queen and all, will simply die and become part of the hive structure. The only remaining signs of the Xenomorphs will be the eggs, carefully preserved for possible resurrection of the hive.

At this point it is speculated that the Engineers would reclaim the hive as a new home or base of operations, the eggs ready for the next world to be terraformed.

This isnt perfect and maybe comes off video gamey or comic bookey, but its sort of a fun exercise in speculation and world building.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm a self taught (non-professional) artist. My gallery consist of monsters (mostly original, some fan art) of many sorts, all with a story or concept to join them.
Giant monsters make up much of my work as their one of my favorite concepts, mostly due to a childhood chuck with godzilla flicks.
Spec Evo stuff use to be a major part of my art, but its become less of a focus for me.
Horror is another favorite genre, especially sci fi like the Alien series, filled with unique creatures and ideas that im oh so enamored by.
Fantasy is a genre im in and out of but occasional DND sessions have made me more eager to delve into such material.


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