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Jabikah (Giant)
Jabikah are natives of the wintery country of Czarzemlaw and are the physically largest of the mortal races (not including the bestial Volgoth variants)

Simply referred to as Giants by most races, the Jabikah are rarely encountered, especially outside their homeland. Most who see a Jabikah outside of Czarzemlaw will see it shaved, either to reduce overheating, remove lice, or because it is a slave. Often those who finally see a furred Jabikah will be shocked at how different they look from their shaved counterparts.

Jabikah live in small family tribes ruled by a Shaman who has mastered all sorts of healing methods and communes with the Wild Gods. These Tribes generally farm in the few warm months in the year, but stockpile their crops until winter passes, becoming hunters in the harsh cold. They have invented a sort of popcorn for special days in the trying months, gathering all sorts of nuts and containing them in a large clamshell to be cooked over a fire.

The Jabikah are still in a stone age state, but their relations with the recent colonist of Czarzemlaw, the industrial Manava, has lead some advancement. The Manava would have never thrived in this country if not for assistance by the Jabikah, but sadly this dosent mean relations are steady.
The Necronid (eyeless)
A hybrid of two of the most deadly races in Warhammer: The Tyranid and the Necron.

Not sure how this would even happen.

Tried a version of this without eyes to see if it looked more interesting.

Original version here:…
The Necronid
A hybrid of two of the most deadly races in Warhammer: The Tyranid and the Necron.

Not sure how this would even happen.

Link to Eyeless Version:…
No Longer Man's: Raesvelg
Raesvelg is amongst the more timid of the Vastators, rarely interacting with humanity or Vastator alike. It generally spends it's time above the clouds, photosynthesizing from the sun's rays while it's vents jet out hot air to keep balance as it glides.

If Raesvelg is ever on the ground (which is rarely) it moves quite sluggishly with an uncomfortable crawl.
To return to the air, Raesvelg rears up and encases itself with it's wings, proceeding to use it's most unique trait. Bursting from it's long throat is a powerful flame like that of a jet which it aims directly at the ground. The intense heat and force of the blast will give Raesvelg the lift it needs to flap its wings and thrust off with its vent jets (located at the chest and spine).

Raesvelg's breath came to note as soon as it's emergence in Europe, digging from its slumber in the Earth's depths by melting and blasting it's way to the surface. Emerging from molten earth, its been nicknamed "Phoenix" by some.
Dark Orchid: Ensconce
"Unfortunant worms, confused in their new forms, writhing in desperate attempt to understand what they are. They can no longer bark as they used to, or wag their tail, but new communication is found in the whimpers and gurgling whistles they share as they comfort each other. As they gather they realise a new purpose, a familiar and old thought prevails amongst their simple new minds. A desire for shelter, but not of metal or wood, but of flesh, of mother, of womb.

The serpentine hounds learn to slither and move through clumsy trial and error, tasting the earth for signs of their goal. They find a man, one who once looked at them with love, now in terror. The Ensconce dont understand why the man is scared, but it dosent matter, the goal is clear, they need it.
 In seconds they grab on with the remains of their limbs and burrow into the man's abdomen. They curl and hum inside his guts, finding peace in his warm quaking body, over come with nostalgia of the womb. The swarm bloats their corpse home, all at peace, until this body grows colds and a new hunt begins."
Grothia glass head concept
Trying to give a more interesting head design for my old Spec-Evo species, the Sedahian (Grothia).

The transparent membrane is a dense structure that behaves like a helmet/eye lens, protecting the Grothia's head from embers and other debris.
No Longer Man's: Soldier Uniform
Military forces may often have to move through Vastator inflicted areas, with the dangers of radiation, Stromatolites, Volarites, the Daemonus Donum virus, and eroding microbial cloud residue linger. Environ-suits are designed to reduce the risk of infection and radiation poisoning, with a filtration mask and thick layers of rubber fibers and resistant materials.
This crow model filtration helmet is designed with a "beak" to protect the filter from debris.
The lead plated coat is heavy, but makes soldiers invisible to Vastators and Volarites and even the microbial cloud, though the effect can be temporary the longer one stays in the eroding radius of a Vast.
Boot covers are often used to keep cold feet warm, or to just not tie one's boots.

The Asinus Heavy Rifle is amongst many mass produced models of Anti-Volarite weaponry. This particular model requires a stand to aim in most cases due to it's weight and kick back (which Asinus rifles are infamous for) and is shoulder mounted like an RPG. Its great at breaking through Volarite shells and rupturing innards.
In some cases these rifles are used to annoy Vastators in hopes of deterring them from civilian areas. Squads who perform these annoyance missions are often nicknamed Mosquito or Wasp teams and are often quite proud of their dangerous line of work, many getting tattoos or patches on their uniforms with team insignia.
Dark Orchid: Effiger (Jimmy)
"Venture further into the colony and the afflicted get...stranger. The most common things you'll see are the Effigers, pigs broken into a childish shape. They walk on two legs, supported by what used to be theirs hocks. Their front legs are extended into arms, with their hooves multiplied and stretched into stiff crude fingers. The neck is curled forward, carrying a head that appears as if the snout was smashed in and bent with a hammer. Those eyes are saggy, and surrounded by wrinkle and dark meat with oily tears.

Their virtually harmless, waddling on their awkward limbs and focusing solely on making crude objects and sculpters out of whatever materials available, from feces and mud  to scavenged body parts. These crafts resemble toys and people, as if the Effigers are trying to recreate something. Their affectionately called "Jimmies" by some folks, but most prefer not to grow endearment for any of the Orchid's abominations.  

In desperate times we hunt them. Their easy prey, cant move fast and cant really fight, you dont even need to sneak up on them. Just walk up and club them. The Effiger's screams make it harder. Pigs usually sound pretty horrible, but these dont squeal...they scream, like children...... Best not to think too much on that. Their still just swine....just eerie swine. "
(aka me being a nerd and wanting to over think one of my favorite franchises.)

Thought I might share an idea I’ve had for a while with my ever so often ponderings of the Alien franchise and it’s lore. This will likely become obsolete after Alien Covenant comes out, but I wanted to get this out there.

In the films we’ve seen a hive established by the Xenomorphs at least 3 times (Aliens, Alien Resurrection, Alien Vs Predator though I dont realy regard that as Alien canon as much as its own universe). We’ve only ever seen hives in their early stages of development, when their still constructing the hive itself and such, which leaves the mystery of what the later stages are.

Comics and games some what explore this but verily so, generally the Aliens seem to keep to this bee like society. These are generally influenced by the James Cameron animal interpretation of the Xenomorph rather the more disturbingly clever creature of the original. I’ve had a concept that fuses the two with influence of Prometheus’s revelations and implications. Im generally playing with the indifference of machine and organic that appears in Engineer technology and the Xenomorph itself.

Stage 1: Reproduction

The hive requires a large population to begin construction, thus a Queen develops to mass produce eggs, usually in an area of available host. In this stage the Queen is main organizer, operating off of a “mother/child” relationship of sorts, though this may vary depending on host species. She communicates to her young through primitive means of pheromone and vocalization, but due to their engineered biomechanical nature a sort of “organic internet” is present, though weak.

Stage 2: Construction

Though the drones of the hive have been producing basic organic structures by using existing structures in the environment to establish the hive, it is simply in its naivety. Once the hive is at stable numbers a new morph develops from existing drones. These new drones organize for more advanced constructions, melting down any useble materials to regurgitate them for the new constructs. New chambers develop for various purposes of advancing the hive, and new morphs develop to compliment them. These new morphs are called “Dukes” and are independent of the Queen, ruling over their sections of the hive.

Stage 3: True Hive Mind

As the hive expands with more complicated structures, it begins to almost have a life of it’s own, all managed by the Xenomorphs. A neural chamber is developed which flows through the entire complex with biological machines similar to that of Engineer ships. The Hive grows increasingly efficient as it connects the Xenomorphs in a matured “organic internet”, finely tuning all sectors of the hive. The Queen and the Dukes act as nodes for information to spread more effectively, like a brain communicating to organs.

Stage 4: Domination or Death

The Hive in it’s near perfection expands to fuel itself and irradicates all life it encounters, becoming an biological industrial juggernaut. When nearly all biomass of the planet is depleted, the hive will go dormant in hopes of regrowth of prey or extraterrestrial life encountering it. If no food is available for centuries the xenomorphs, dukes and Queen and all, will simply die and become part of the hive structure. The only remaining signs of the Xenomorphs will be the eggs, carefully preserved for possible resurrection of the hive.

At this point it is speculated that the Engineers would reclaim the hive as a new home or base of operations, the eggs ready for the next world to be terraformed.

This isnt perfect and maybe comes off video gamey or comic bookey, but its sort of a fun exercise in speculation and world building.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm a self taught (non-professional) artist. My gallery consist of monsters (mostly original, some fan art) of many sorts, all with a story or concept to join them.
Giant monsters make up much of my work as their one of my favorite concepts, mostly due to a childhood chuck with godzilla flicks.
Spec Evo stuff use to be a major part of my art, but its become less of a focus for me.
Horror is another favorite genre, especially sci fi like the Alien series, filled with unique creatures and ideas that im oh so enamored by.
Fantasy is a genre im in and out of but occasional DND sessions have made me more eager to delve into such material.


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