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Turris : Concept by Quinn-Red
Turris : Concept
Fixing up the body plan of the "poster child" of my "No Longer Man's" kaiju/worldbuilding setting.
Armorless HordeSlayer by Quinn-Red
Armorless HordeSlayer
Sons of the Machine King, Hordeslayers grow increasingly mechanized as they age. The right arm is removed upon a worthy age in their youth in order to grow the blessed limb.
Only this arm can hold the immense weight and power of the Slaughtermauch weapon, the hand fusing to the hilt from their obsession with it. The arm may only become usable once the Slaughtermauch is aroused by enough screams and the forge blood runs through the cold metal veins.
The remnants of the stoney flesh of their Manavan mothers, along with the red tattoos that marked them as heroes in the past, become assimilated by the cold steel sinew.
Prakura, God of Domination by Quinn-Red
Prakura, God of Domination
Prakura is considered one of the most ambitious gods of Lardomum, forging an empire as soon as she was "born". She uplifted the selfish Lorperor into a Psygikally capable society, making her and her followers nearly unmatched by any other god in the Neolithic era of Lardomum. Her rule was that of utter supremacy, there would be no equals, you are always above someone and below some one, but none are above Prakura.
Despite the uprising of Manavan slaves, the raids from the Vulgoth, civil war, conflict with fellow gods, and even her own death by the Machine King, Prakura still holds her iron grip upon her Imperial Lorperor, despite having to uneasily share with her sister, the Felidae.

Prakura can physically shift her wingspan and plumage colour at will, even making her feathers as sharp as blades in combat. Her infamous power is complete mind domination of mortals, which she gifted to a minor extent to the Lorperor. This power has been used to control the country of Deiroa's entire ecosystem, breeding all flora and fauna to be to her and the Lorperor's purposes. Though her older sister, Pralaya, does this to a greater extent, Prakura will always seek to out do her.
Rather than make demigods through intercourse with chosen mortals, Prakura prefers to insert tiny fragments of her soul into her higher subjects. These Ascended Lorperor display great use of Psygik power and often act as leaders of Lorperor society, though their true purpose is to be back up vessels in case Prakura is slain.
In the situation that a Shatterjak attacks the empire, a Ascended will be gifted the god weapon, Tyranamauch. This spear is made of ancient rules made material, thus when plunged into a foe, they are struck by an uncountable number of commands, thus reducing the foe into biological and psychic chaos. This chaos spreads to all nearby beings in a chain reaction.
Corrupted Bear God by Quinn-Red
Corrupted Bear God
An old god of warriors, the bear god had become infested with serpents in the spiritual plain. The serpents forced him to conceive a physical form of his disciples flesh, and rise as a colossus.
Vulgoth Goreger (naked) by Quinn-Red
Vulgoth Goreger (naked)
The largest and most bestial of the Vulgoth's Butcher breeds, Goregers are the tanks of the horde, able to take the damage and dish it back out. Though simple minded and lumbering, Goregers are a key in sieges, able to smash through any barricade and devour foes on the battlefield.
The cyclopian eye has incredible focus and allows the Goreger to never keep it's eye off it's goal of smashing through any in it's way. Despite being a major weak point, a shell develops upon the skull as the beast matures to protect the feature. This shell has earned them the nickname "ClamHeads" from Manavan troopers.

Goregers have a hate for sharp objects, so they are usually only ever equipped with blunt weapons such as clubs and iron knuckles. On occasion, Goregers have received modified Manavan heavy gatling guns to reduce enemies to mulch. Unfortunately their poor aim means allies may also get included with the mulch.

 Due to their child like mind, Goregers are difficult to suit with armor, often getting very distressed upon any form of restraint. Thus they require their other Butcher breed siblings to comfort them. This deep connection means that if a Goreger is slain, the horde will be enraged and will engage in further savagery.
Random nerd issue here!

So I've been in a AVP mood recently and thus looking up all the neat-o fan art for it. Most are pretty awesome, but one thing has been bugging me.
Why do we assume the predators we've seen are male, or that they even have different sexes?

Like, most of the attempts at female predators i've seen have breast and birthing hips because thats apparently the only way to identify females in alien species. But their like, wierd humanoid reptilian bug faced things.

It just seems so odd.

I personally had the headcannon that their neither male nor female, but can play roles we consider sex specific. Similar to hemaphroditic snails, they fight for who will bare young and who will deliver sperm or sperm equivelant. The winner gets to be the "male" and the loser "female", having to carry the fertilized eggs for a time until layed at a defendable location.

Maybe they've just skipped out on this entirely in favour of cloning or something.

Then again does it matter, we just wanna watch'em drop onto planets and fight people and aliens like cool guy monster mashs.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm a self taught (non-professional) artist. I usually draw bizarre alien creatures that I give a story and a world for them to exist in. I play a lot of x box games which influences my art heavily. I hope someday I can get into concept art for games and movies, especially for designing monsters and other odd creatures.

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