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The Ziraff
A prompt given to me by my college pals, an alien creature resembling a Zebra Giraffe hybrid, ignoring it's more alien features.

I imagine it likely lives in an alien equivalent of a savanna, staying close to the plump trees of the grass lands. It only goes for the tallest leaves, standing high on it's back legs and supporting itself with the tree by gripping it's trunk. It's beak extends on a fish like pharyngeal jaw, extending to tear off the tough leaves of it's trees. The leaves are held in a crop to soften the hardy pieces before sliding down to the digestive system.
Males posses a warty colourful display sac above the chest, inflating it warbling it to impress females.
The tail spines are a defense mechanism, defending the rear from predators. Fecal dust collects on the spines over time and when threatned they will splay out and shake violently, discouraging any predator from nearing or possibly causing infection if inhaled.
The Slickener
Name: The Slickener

Aliases: The Albertan Slick, Tar Spawn, Nope, Krudde, Canada's Abomination

Date of Discoverey: 1955, August 1st

Place of Origin: Athabasca, Alberta Canada

Height: 115 ft

Notable Stomping Grounds: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan

Abilities: Toxification, regeneration, mutation, colour shifting causing psychedelic and seizure like effects, sound mimicking, can twist limbs for new purpose, produces "slugs"

Description: body very similar to that of a burrowing owl in anatomy, orifices resembling eyes, cloaked in thick oily ever shifting skin, long fingers with sparse webbing, two long worm like tails, one sprouting from the front the other the back, face, fingers, feet, and tails are flesh pink, surrounding skin resembles oil slick.

Origin: With the shocking emergence of enormous beast in 1954, Canada was preparing itself for it's own monster troubles the following year. Oil resources were probed and immediatley dug into, the precious crude oil being funneled into the rapidly developing kaiju defense program. Environmental effects were considered, but ignored for an apparent "greater good".
Unknown to the government funded oil companies, the oil they were digging up was not completely normal. Something resided within the oil, something old and curious.
Over many weeks, the excavation crews grew more antsy, reporting a constant feeling of "being watched."Gradually things got stranger, missing persons, disappearing wild life, destruction of drilling equipment, and odd reports of "fleeing bigfoot families."
This all reached a crescendo on the 1st of August as the oil screamed in colour and arose with a body of pseudo flesh and bone. What it exactly was is still unknown, the Yamaneon element is yet to be found in it's residue, leading some to believe that it is some sort of alien or supernatural force. None of that really mattered as it terrorized Alberta, discovering it's shape and gazing upon the world with false eyes that sung unnatural hums.

It's rampage was only stopped by a forest fire which seemed to frighten it extremley. Currently large thermal devices have been placed in strategic locations to keep it at bay, but it still banes the country like a oily spectre.

Personality: The Slickener is like an infant, inspecting it's world with no care other than itself. It's imperfect and still learning of it's world, learning of itself. It seems to be infatuated with living things, alive or dead, but no interest for objects. It mimics the sounds of other kaiju it's heard, but attempts for possible affection or whatever it's doing generally end with a sick or dead kaiju and a upset Slickster.
Humarr Petram
Name: Humarr Petram

Aliases: Sea Gargoyle, Crawstone, Rock Lobster, Island Locust, Giant Langouste

Date of Discovery: 1957

Place of Origin: The Caribbean

Height: 100 ft
Length: 120 ft

Notable Stomping Grounds: Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea

Abilities: incredible durability via chitin build up, great back strength, clubbing antennae, slashing/punching claws, false island formation through group coordination

Description: Humarr Petram are a grey cool stone in colour, with rocky aged chitin covered in algae and barnacles. Two thick upper antennae are below the eyes, two lower pronged antennae are in front of the mouth. Cow catcher like "nose" sliding from near brown stem eyes. Claws are two large "knuckle walking" appendages, other eight limbs simple legs almost hidden by "fur" growing from underside of tail. Tail is short for lobster, end in paddle. Rocky chitin builds up like a strange moutain a top the body.

The species known as Humarr Petram is a relative of the Spiny Lobster, likely evolved from a species that resided in yamaneon tunnels deep below the Carribean. Although existing on this Earth for some time, they were only discovered in 1957.
A small island had appeared mysteriously between the shores of Florida and Georgia, and along with it a mysterious transparent creature washed up on Saint Simon's Island. The creature resembled a lobster larvae to local Marinebiologist  Fred Athens, but those larvae were too small for the human eye to see, and this was the size of a man. Fred began a study of the mysterious island days after, along with a crew of locals.

Upon coming to the mystery islands shore, it reminded Fred of Tide Pool environments, nothing there seemed keen to stay for too long. A peer of Fred's studied the sand of the island, finding that it consisted of almost pure chalk. The longer they stayed the more things felt off, and for good reason. After almost two hours of study, the island shifted apart, with the crew tumbling into the water below. What Fred and the others witnessed horrified them, the hungry faces of gigantic lobsters.

Luckily Fred Athens and two others escaped on to the boat, but everyone else was gobbled up by the stoney crustaceans. Fred theorized that the Humarr Petram, as he called them, must gather up in large groups and lock together bu building up chitin layers over months and years, becoming a false island. Over time they let life build up on top of them as the sleep and drift through the Atlantic, that is until enough has grown for a proper feast.

Nobody is sure how many of these groups exist, but one thing is for certain is that if one sees a uncharted island in the Gulf or Caribbean area, it is best to be avoided.

Humarr Petram very organized animals, each group being very particular of whom may join their group, thus small Humarr are only with small Humarr, big ones are only with big ones. Humarr island groups are very unkempt, allowing all sorts of things to latch on to them, but they can afford it as the build of of chitin has made them tolerant of any parasite. If they were too active, the island trap would not be possible, thus they are quite slow creatures but surprisingly cunning, able to strategize like a wolf pack when after prey or defending against kaiju.
In the odd ocassion of a kaiju making landfall on their false island, the lobsters simply wait out the creature until it leaves, then frantically drift off to a new location to avoid further bearing the weight of an inedible giant. They prefer small prey.
King Bekantan
Name: King Bekantan

Aliases: Nasalis Gigantis, The Gardener, Monyet Belanda Besar

Date of Discovery: 1955

Place of Origin: Borneo

Height: 115 feet

Notable Stomping Grounds: Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia

Abilities: super strength, aura of increased plant growth, seed launchers rooted within tail fur, lazy big slap

Description: A gigantic, upright Proboscis Monkey with thick fur, beard, and a "crown" of hair.

Origin: Nobody is sure how old King Bekantan is, but multiple island nations have spoken of him since before the current kaiju outbreak. Some say that he grew the vegetation of many southeast Asian islands, tending the land with seeds dropped from his fur. Although questionable if he indeed grew the vegetation of the island nations, King Bekantan certainly does toil the lands he'll sit upon to grow food for himself.
It is suspected that he may have once been a normal Proboscis Monkey that came in contact with Yamaneon, possibly due to the vegetation and life in general that grows around the material. In some ways he has taken that energy for himself, becoming a walking bringer of Eden....a very slow one.
A rumor of sorts has proclaimed that King Bekantan hides a unique species of fruit with peculiar properties (thoughs properties seem to change depending on who you ask) at his resting places, often tempting treasure hunters to seek the monkey.

Personality: He has never shown any hostility to any other living thing, kaiju and human alike, simply strolling or sitting down to eat. He'll rarely do anything worth energy, only really attacking if annoyed for long enough.
King Bekantan loves to farm, carefully toiling the earth with his hands, then dragging his plant smothered tail across it, allowing all sorts of seeds and spores to populate the land.
He has shown signs of some care for smaller living things, though often to shoo them away so they dont interrupt his farming.
Papaver Magnus
Name: Papaver Magnus

Aliases: The Walking Sleep, Morpheus, Dragger

Date Discovered: 1956

Place of Origin: Burma

Height: 130 ft

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Golden Triangle (Burma, Laos, Thailand)

Abilities: Sleep inducing gas, frenzy gas, flail like bulb, increasing density of skin via "woodening", sharp leaf barbs, seismic stomping

Description: tall walking plant, drags wrinkling body with front facing tree stump like limbs, roots trail behind. Back covered with two leaf "wings". Stem sprouting from bady starts with plump undulating sack covered in pale green webbing, extends to drooping purple and yellow petals verily cloaking the sack, further extends into multiple branching bulbs and a single, incredibly long, limp stem that ends in a thick heavy bulb. Body is multiple shades of green aside from brown wooden legs and purple pedals.

Origin: The Golden Triangle was renown for its bountiful poppy fields, these plants substances fueled industry and cross global relations. These special poppies produced desirable substances that could calm the mind or greatly excite it when stimulated just right, and despite attempts at regulation the poppy industry was booming, had been for centuries. The very thought of the fall of this herbal money maker seemed ludicrous.

That is until a horrible earthquake in 1954 swallowed or destroyed a majority of the farms in Southeast Asia. These poppies tumbled deep into an unknown network of tunnels, filled with the incredible mutative Yamaneon material. Over months the poppies completely engulfed the crystals, developing a new biological system around it.

In 1956 they would rise from the earth of Burma as Papaver Magnus, a walking monolith powered by yamaneon within it's sack and ever exhaling a sleeping gas that drove all in it's wake into short comas. Upon being bombarded by Asian airforce, Papaver's gas changed into a frenzy gas, causing mass hysteria and violence as it lumbered forth and smashed all who harmed it with it's flail like bulb. The motivations of such a strange thing were difficult to determine, as it simply kept pacing around South East Asia with no apparent purpose, so the best tactic was to just avoid the lumbering thing.

Unfortunately things are still tense with the plant, as desperate poppy farmers atempt to collect juice from Papaver's flesh, possibly enraging it, and military have to set up defenses to protect the creature from milking.
There is a theory that someday Papaver Magnus may flower, attracting all the pollinating insects in the world (kaiju or not) to swarm the south east and feed on it's nectar.

Personality: Personality is difficult to determine with such a bizarre being. It ignores nearly all terrestrial obstacle, though seems "unnerved" in deep water as it always takes drier, shallower paths. Its mind altering substances seem to represent it's mood. When calm it produces a slumbering aura, when stressed ir produces a frenzied aura.
Papaver shows little interest in social bonding, only altering levels of ignorance. Herbivorous kaiju stress it, fire stresses it, sharp things stress it.
Papaver Magnus is more active at day, but at night it "breaths" like an animal and it's field of influence is much larger.
Odinokiy Soldat 'Lone Soldier'

Name: Odinokiy Soldat [Lone Soldier]

Aliases: Russia’s favorite son, Yamneon Man, The Ul’tra Chelovek

Date Discovered: 1996 [date redacted]

Place of Origin: Attu Island

Height: 100 ft

Notable Stomping Ground: Soviet Russia

Abilities: Super human strength, extreme gymnastics, “hammer/sickle” martial art (a style that mixes Russian martial arts with a technique of heavy hitting and fast accurate cutting moves), incredible jump height, macrowave arm rays

Description: Large humanoid sparsely layered with chitin plates painted red or blue pattern. Thick dark rubber like skin. Head covered in smooth bone “helmet”, luminous mineral layered eye,  double layered “beak” covers mouth.

Origin: With the rise of kaiju and the following alien invasion, the world would be in dire times. Soviet Russia had prepared for an era of nuclear conflict, only to find their nukes useless against creatures who thrived upon the energies of the atom. To make matters worse, America had achieved multiple advances to this new world Russia hadnt, and the creation of Minerva in 1955 by Area 51 truly drove the Soviet Union to indulge in riskier ideas.

Hiring the brilliant scientist, Professor Roman Kurchatov amongst other great Russian minds to study Yamaneon was the first step towards the Soviet Defense Program, The Ul’tra Project. Although the main concept of the project was to probe and test Yamaneon for any exploitable weakness that could disable the current threat, Kurchatov had other ideas. Oddly enough, he always considered himself more “artist than scientist”, thus had a habit of adjusting projects for his own experiments. Those did end with great results, just rarely what the funding wanted. This was no different.

While his peers studied Yamaneon through lead suits and metal instruments, Kurchatov was experimenting on an unknown accomplice via surgically introducing yamaneon particles to specific areas of the body. Many years of mysterious project grew suspicion amongst his superiors and in 1966 his station on Attu Island was investigated. The authorities were expecting Roman Kurchatov to be a possible yanki spy, instead they found him bed ridden, being cared for by an old woman and….a strange large man shaped bone plated creature.

The woman, a friend of the Professor, explained the situation. Kurchatov’s secret experiments on his accomplice lead to incredible mutative adaptions, verging him on inhumanity as “alien” features gradually developed. Unfortunately Kurchatov was not careful and leaking Yamaneon affected his body, resulting in his skeletal structure calcifying his body inside out, currently suffocating his brain. He said he may not die, as Yamaneon generally seems to benefit organisms, and perhaps he may simply go dormant in a boney chrysalis, all his research locked within his sleeping mind. He left one last wish, that his accomplice was to be adopted into the Ul’tra program and trained to use his abilities as he mutated further, becoming a guardian of the Motherland.

Seeing the incredible potential in the subject (and an effective way to compete with America), the Soviet Union respected the slumbering scientist wishes and developed the accomplice into the sole warrior of his kind. Code named “Lone Soldier”, he would become a symbol of Russia’s strength and resilience and a hero to the people.

Personality: Lone Soldier exudes a shield of confidence and unshakeability, appearing as a proud and fearless warrior. Beneath the bravado is an ever calculating mind, studying every detail for combat purpose or simply occupation. This may make him an effective strategist, but he is easily distracted and frusturated by numerous stimulants, thus he can excellently handle a single opponent, but multiple can leave him burnt out. His loyalty to Russia is near absolute, committing to every order, but there can be noticeable unease upon more stressing, morally questionable acts.

Acting as a second mind, Lone Soldier has a surgically inserted communicator were his commanders can assist him with strategy and give orders. His inability to talk as a normal human due to an incredibly low, animal like vocalization means he cant talk to anyone but those on the communicator as it translates his rumbles. Despite that he will sign to those around him, often giving a thumbs up after great accomplishments and heroic posing to entertain.
Dog Alien
It sort of bothered me in Alien 3 that the dog born xenomorph still had much of the human xeno anatomy and lost some of the bio-mechanical features, so I drew this up.
Also Alien Covenant has got me real hyped for xenomorphs/ giger again.
'Classic' Sea Turtle Rodan
Just in case the more sea turtle based colours of my original version was not preferable.

Since the kaiju of the Legendary Godzillaverse are waaaay before the dinosaurs and reptiles of the dinosaur eras, I wanted to make Rodan have a clearly non-pterosaur structure, but similar.
Rodan's wings are much like a sea turtle's flipper, but developed for flight rather swimming.
The wing membranes connect to the tail, forming a cape of thick skin. On land this makes for great defense.

'Sea Turtle' Rodan 
'Sea Turtle' Rodan
My idea of a Legendary Rodan.

Since the kaiju of the Legendary Godzillaverse are waaaay before the dinosaurs and reptiles of the dinosaur eras, I wanted to make Rodan have a clearly non-pterosaur structure, but similar.
Rodan's wings are much like a sea turtle's flipper, but developed for flight rather swimming.
The wing membranes connect to the tail, forming a cape of thick skin. On land this makes for great defense.

For more classic colours: 'Classic' Sea Turtle Rodan
Rough Legendary Rodan Concept Stuff
Playing around with Rodan a bit.

My main idea with this was to further seperate Rodan from the Male MUTO as both shared similar traits. Rather than be a predator of other monsters such as the MUTOs, Rodan scooped up smaller prey (primarily larval Meganulon) with its open mouth while on the wing. Rarely did it ever touch the ground, only for breeding and raising young, thus it is a poor walker. At least thick wing membranes prove good shielding from attackers.

I heavily based my Rodan on the original 56 design, as well as mixing some 90s in there. Albatross inspired a decent amount of the idea, as well as basking shark and baby bird mouths for the wide stretching maw.
Random nerd issue here!

So I've been in a AVP mood recently and thus looking up all the neat-o fan art for it. Most are pretty awesome, but one thing has been bugging me.
Why do we assume the predators we've seen are male, or that they even have different sexes?

Like, most of the attempts at female predators i've seen have breast and birthing hips because thats apparently the only way to identify females in alien species. But their like, wierd humanoid reptilian bug faced things.

It just seems so odd.

I personally had the headcannon that their neither male nor female, but can play roles we consider sex specific. Similar to hemaphroditic snails, they fight for who will bare young and who will deliver sperm or sperm equivelant. The winner gets to be the "male" and the loser "female", having to carry the fertilized eggs for a time until layed at a defendable location.

Maybe they've just skipped out on this entirely in favour of cloning or something.

Then again does it matter, we just wanna watch'em drop onto planets and fight people and aliens like cool guy monster mashs.


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Hi, I'm a self taught (non-professional) artist. I usually draw bizarre alien creatures that I give a story and a world for them to exist in. I play a lot of x box games which influences my art heavily. I hope someday I can get into concept art for games and movies, especially for designing monsters and other odd creatures.


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Hey thanks for all dem faves! I love all your odd creatures btw ^^
Quinn-Red Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem, your work is quite solid!
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Hey there Quinn,

I just dropped by to say:  thanks for the :+fav: on… .  I’m running out of party members for this particular adventure-group, but there will be at least one more to come - a young half-orc barbarian girl.  Stay tuned!
While I was here, I took a stroll around your gallery, and I really enjoyed your work as well.  What strikes me most is how plausible your creatures are.  They're certainly fantastical - but someone who stumbled upon a pic of an entelodont or embolotherium (both real, albeit extinct, creatures) might think the same thing.  The important thing is:  your creations look like something that could exist.  I'm a big fan of theoretical biology myself - so when an artist's forms follow their function, it's a big "up vote" in my books.

Quinn-Red Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Im glad you got such a flattering impression from my work!

Redorick is a charming character design to me as its so ridiculously revealing in a way thats normally reserved for fantasy female character designs. Its a fun twist, idk if that was the idea behind Redorick, or if its just part of elvish culture to never EVER hide your sex appeal behind armor, but its enjoyable.
Djake Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, it's pretty apparent that you take a lot of inspiration from kaiju movies - and kaiju designs were always strongly motivated by the Japanese reverence for nature - or, at least, as much as they could manage with giant puppets and guys in rubber suits.  ^^;  Still, those pillar legs and bulky, muscular frames give a sense of realism.

Thanks in kind for your comments on Redorick.  Funny enough, his armour does have a certain amount of historical precedent - though armour of this style tended to be lamellar, rather than scale.  That having been said, you're right about the aesthetic.  In the world our gamemaster created, elves don't reproduce sexually, but sing their children into being - and each elf's life is a song that lasts as long as their tales are told.  This is why elves don't age in the manner of men, and why they tend to have a flair for the dramatic.  Their exploits, appearance and philosophies are literally their life.
Because of their lack of need for sex, elvish gender tends to be more of a nuance than a defining characteristic, and mention was made on a number of occasions throughout the campaign about how it was difficult to tell an elf's gender on first glance.  By way of further example, Redorick's cousin Siloquy (… ) is also rather ambiguous.
In Redorick's case, he is also a follower of Naroshelle, courtesan of the gods.  She also oversees matters of knowledge and trickery, but sensorial pleasures are definitely within her purview, and her nuns have been known to be rather "hands on" with their healing on occasion.  Redorick's styling is deliberately geared for flair, allure and derring-do - and I'm happy that the impact comes through.  :)
Is it possible to ask for an art request from you, or is it for friends only?

(Sorry if I asked this question already)
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