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Redesign of Ant Baby Devils from THINGS 1989
Ever since watching the incredibly awful movie "THINGS 1989" on a stream run by RJ (aka Arvalis) I just needed to try and redesign one of the worst monster design in cinematic history. From potato bodied ant with xenomorph head, to this abomination.
Since the monsters are the result of a failed fertility treatment, I decided to make them look like a newborn's body repurposed into this insect like creature.

You should be able to find THINGS 1989 on youtube, its so garbage its incredible.
Dark Orchid: Teko Chelovek concept V2
The concept doodles i did of my Teko Chelovek that would later be converted into a more techno static TWINVEIL gif.

My idea with this redesign was to make the The Silent more alien and imposing, with bowed legs and strange heads looking like backwards/upsidedown fleshy skulls flattened into an arrow shape. I think it makes them look more regal than the original bird head version, but it would make it harder to convey the idea of them eyelessly staring at you.

TWINVEIL gif version:…
Original Design:…
Yaina are one of the most successful pack hunters on Sedah, strategically taking down prey and protecting their rocky territories through group cooperation.

Yaina are a predatory cousin of the tribal Grothia, divinding from a common ancestor soon after the cataclysm that turned Sedah into it's current ash clouded state. Unlike the heavy built tefravore Grothia, the Yaina evoved to be rather lithe and flexible and quite silent, allowing them to stalk and chase prey while easily avoiding larger predators. Another feature seperating Yaina from Grothia is their mouth, with Grothia mouths essentially gone due to their tefravore diet, Yaina mouths are large and filled with sharp teeth.
Two mandibles side their mouth, used both to help keep struggling prey from escaping their jaws, and as a social feature, each twitch giving a different message. Hook like claws are held back much like an Earth feline's, only flung forward for attack and to latch to surfaces or large prey. A blade like crest upon a Yaina's rear is both to keep predators off their backs, and is long distance communicator, vibrating at different intervals at a frequency that Yaina ears are particularily sensitive to. This allows the Yaina to organize themselves silently, mainly to plan the most efficient way to take down prey.

Despite their differences, Yaina and Grothia share some characteristics. A glass like lens covers eyes for protection in both species, a hunch with respiratory function is common, they both have iron in their skin, but most of all they both have intellect. Both use this intellect to organize their groups and define status and plan migrations and defenses, but Yaina use it more to become hyper efficient hunters. Perhap this is why, when the two rarely encounter each other, they rarely get along.
UNOPUS (SCP inspired)

The organisms nicknamed “Unopus” were discovered in the cold waters of [REDACTED] by local fishermen who caught a specimen by accident.

Unopus are single minded nomadic constructs composed of detritus material gathered from Marine Snow by an anomalous object within the organism. The object is speculated to act as a sort of black box, holding precious information of the unknown and forming vessels from deceased material to travel to it’s receiver. The Unopus has an incredibly complex genetic code, and once decoded, seems to be an “address” of sorts. This has lead to the theory of the Unopus being a sort of “Messenger of the Gods”.

Though objectively focused, it seems the Unopus has some curiosity, observing things that catch it’s attention by forming a single eye on any part of it’s body. This has been especially noticeable during autopsies of the specimen in Site [REDACTED].

If damaged or sensing major obstruction to it’s path, the Unopus will seek deceased material to either regenerate lost tissue, or construct a new Unopus. In some cases during capture, an Unopus will attempt to rub itself all over a organism in order to gather dead skin cells. If encountering a corpse, the Unopus will temporarily fuse with the corpse, engaging in the reconstruction of the body. During this, the cadaver may partially reanimate, causing the body to clumsily attempt movement. Human subjects have been interviewed during this process, describing their experience as a numb, drunk like state. The subject’s mind will slowly flood with the shared information within the Unopus, and if asked may try and translate it, though it often sounds like nonsense or is simply too complicated to be comprehended by a human being.

In the end, the corpse will be fully converted into a new Unopus, a copy of the deity’s message. The only remnants of it’s past form may be tattoos, piercings, moles, skin colour, eye colour, and other notable relics of the host body.
Jabikah (Giant)
Jabikah are natives of the wintery country of Czarzemlaw and are the physically largest of the mortal races (not including the bestial Volgoth variants)

Simply referred to as Giants by most races, the Jabikah are rarely encountered, especially outside their homeland. Most who see a Jabikah outside of Czarzemlaw will see it shaved, either to reduce overheating, remove lice, or because it is a slave. Often those who finally see a furred Jabikah will be shocked at how different they look from their shaved counterparts.

Jabikah live in small family tribes ruled by a Shaman who has mastered all sorts of healing methods and communes with the Wild Gods. These Tribes generally farm in the few warm months in the year, but stockpile their crops until winter passes, becoming hunters in the harsh cold. They have invented a sort of popcorn for special days in the trying months, gathering all sorts of nuts and containing them in a large clamshell to be cooked over a fire.

The Jabikah are still in a stone age state, but their relations with the recent colonist of Czarzemlaw, the industrial Manava, has lead some advancement. The Manava would have never thrived in this country if not for assistance by the Jabikah, but sadly this dosent mean relations are steady.
The Necronid (eyeless)
A hybrid of two of the most deadly races in Warhammer: The Tyranid and the Necron.

Not sure how this would even happen.

Tried a version of this without eyes to see if it looked more interesting.

Original version here:…
(aka me being a nerd and wanting to over think one of my favorite franchises.)

Thought I might share an idea I’ve had for a while with my ever so often ponderings of the Alien franchise and it’s lore. This will likely become obsolete after Alien Covenant comes out, but I wanted to get this out there.

In the films we’ve seen a hive established by the Xenomorphs at least 3 times (Aliens, Alien Resurrection, Alien Vs Predator though I dont realy regard that as Alien canon as much as its own universe). We’ve only ever seen hives in their early stages of development, when their still constructing the hive itself and such, which leaves the mystery of what the later stages are.

Comics and games some what explore this but verily so, generally the Aliens seem to keep to this bee like society. These are generally influenced by the James Cameron animal interpretation of the Xenomorph rather the more disturbingly clever creature of the original. I’ve had a concept that fuses the two with influence of Prometheus’s revelations and implications. Im generally playing with the indifference of machine and organic that appears in Engineer technology and the Xenomorph itself.

Stage 1: Reproduction

The hive requires a large population to begin construction, thus a Queen develops to mass produce eggs, usually in an area of available host. In this stage the Queen is main organizer, operating off of a “mother/child” relationship of sorts, though this may vary depending on host species. She communicates to her young through primitive means of pheromone and vocalization, but due to their engineered biomechanical nature a sort of “organic internet” is present, though weak.

Stage 2: Construction

Though the drones of the hive have been producing basic organic structures by using existing structures in the environment to establish the hive, it is simply in its naivety. Once the hive is at stable numbers a new morph develops from existing drones. These new drones organize for more advanced constructions, melting down any useble materials to regurgitate them for the new constructs. New chambers develop for various purposes of advancing the hive, and new morphs develop to compliment them. These new morphs are called “Dukes” and are independent of the Queen, ruling over their sections of the hive.

Stage 3: True Hive Mind

As the hive expands with more complicated structures, it begins to almost have a life of it’s own, all managed by the Xenomorphs. A neural chamber is developed which flows through the entire complex with biological machines similar to that of Engineer ships. The Hive grows increasingly efficient as it connects the Xenomorphs in a matured “organic internet”, finely tuning all sectors of the hive. The Queen and the Dukes act as nodes for information to spread more effectively, like a brain communicating to organs.

Stage 4: Domination or Death

The Hive in it’s near perfection expands to fuel itself and irradicates all life it encounters, becoming an biological industrial juggernaut. When nearly all biomass of the planet is depleted, the hive will go dormant in hopes of regrowth of prey or extraterrestrial life encountering it. If no food is available for centuries the xenomorphs, dukes and Queen and all, will simply die and become part of the hive structure. The only remaining signs of the Xenomorphs will be the eggs, carefully preserved for possible resurrection of the hive.

At this point it is speculated that the Engineers would reclaim the hive as a new home or base of operations, the eggs ready for the next world to be terraformed.

This isnt perfect and maybe comes off video gamey or comic bookey, but its sort of a fun exercise in speculation and world building.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm a self taught (non-professional) artist. My gallery consist of monsters (mostly original, some fan art) of many sorts, all with a story or concept to join them.
Giant monsters make up much of my work as their one of my favorite concepts, mostly due to a childhood chuck with godzilla flicks.
Spec Evo stuff use to be a major part of my art, but its become less of a focus for me.
Horror is another favorite genre, especially sci fi like the Alien series, filled with unique creatures and ideas that im oh so enamored by.
Fantasy is a genre im in and out of but occasional DND sessions have made me more eager to delve into such material.


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