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Dark Orchid: Polubog by Quinn-Red
Dark Orchid: Polubog
"Have you seen him? The wandering, writhing blubber wrapped in refuse skin, appearing as if worms playing as man? Consuming all as addition to it's mass? Yes?
Then you have witnessed a blessed thing, for it is the demigod, the "Polubog"as the colonist called him, of Cherno. It is but an infant, simple instinct and naivete, born of a dead god and the eggs of humanity collected by the Silent caretakers. If you see the boney fliers roosting or swirling above, then their sweet orphan scavenges nearby.
Its form appears quite careless for a demigod, dosent it? If it were not for human infection within it's form, it may have appeared quite different, though its birth would have never been necessary if not for humanity.
 Someday the Polubog will have engorged itself enough to begin celestial metamorphosis, and will cleanse Cherno of humanity and the abortions of the Orchid, the daughter of it's old enemy."
No Longer Man's: Aarddrak by Quinn-Red
No Longer Man's: Aarddrak
In 1970 the Netherland Vastator first appeared in Volendam, surfacing from the earth to bask in sunlight, then submerged back into the ground. For 3 weeks it caused Earthquakes throughout the area due to its burrowng, that is until it emerged once again in Amsterdam. Currently, Amsterdam has become Aarddrak's prime territory, using it as a home base as it digs tunnels throughout the Netherlands.
This subterranean wanderer can only be tracked using seismographic sensors, and thus evacuations are proceeded in areas predicted to be in  Aarddrak's path. Most populations in the Netherlands are nomadic due to this, or have simply fled the country.
Ascended Lorperor (closed beak concept) by Quinn-Red
Ascended Lorperor (closed beak concept)
The Ascended Lorperor are exceptionally tall, smothered in tiger stripe like runes, and have an anatomy that appears almost hybridized with that of a bird. Their head is encompassed by what appears like an open beak, shelled like an insect. In combat or to focus greater spells, the beak closes, hiding the the face from damage and greater projecting thoughts to perform powerful magics.
Vulgoth Matriarch (Concept) by Quinn-Red
Vulgoth Matriarch (Concept)
Im not quite feeling this one, so chances are I'll be redrawing this a few times till I get it down.

“The Vulgoth Matriarchs are the four mothers of the Vulgoth hordes, plump with gods blood and humming the songs of the great grandmother blood god, Gotthakbiel. Their gaping wound is the blessing of the grandmother’s Hemomauch machetes, a sacrifice to earn the motherhood of the new race. The Vulgoth children will often use the symbol of the gape in their iconography.
The serpentine Drenched Fathers that accompany all four Matriarchs constantly seed their wives to continue mass production of the brood. Each father affects the offspring slightly, such as likeihoods of magic developing in some Vulgoth or more bestial features. Each Matriarch has her preference and will choose a husband carefully to culture her desired brood.

Though they are far too engorged and immobile to move, the Matriarchs may summon avatars constructed of gods blood to intervene in important matters. These avatars appear much like their ancient selves, having features much more like Lorperor than modern reptillian Vulgoth. They wield great visceral power."
Sedah: Ash Cattle by Quinn-Red
Sedah: Ash Cattle
Among the largest species on the alien world of Sedah, Ash Cattle are nomadic and gentle Tefravores (ash eaters). Often seen travelling in slow herds, they inhale massive intakes of ash and organic materia to digest, making them a noisy jumble of biomechanics at work as they belch from their vents near constantly.
Being these walking tanks with armor of bone and iron upon their bodies and near bark like skin might mean that Ash Cattle lack predators, but Sedah is rarely so kind. Their not well built for getting back up from a fall, thus they are an ideal target for the largest flying predator of Sedah, the Fraxinus Umbra Rex, or Ash Hawk. These avian predators smash into lone Ash Cattle with high velocity, knocking it down and eating it alive, fleeing before swarms of dune predators overtake the corpse. The Ash Cattle's only defense is the herd, gathering into a compact ring and waiting for danger to pass.

Young Ash Cattle are much lither than their elders, almost appearing like a different species. These youthful creatures go through life as galloping omnivores, until they reach an age of mating, with a year long season of constant breeding. They will hold onto their eggs until they grow to their pinnacle height, and slowly plop eggs every so often as they travel.
The Drenched by Quinn-Red
The Drenched
The fathers of the Vulgoth Hordes, Drenched are massive beast rarely seen away from the blood pools of their Matriarch. The Drenched are named so as they are constantly swimming in pure Gods Blood derived from the Wombed Throne of the Matriarch, mutating them over thousands of years from ancient elf-ish Vulgoth to the crocodillian whales they are currently. The purpose of these behemoths is to seed the Matriarch on a daily basis, continuing the factory like reproduction of Vulgoth offspring. Each Drenched holds seed unique to them, based on the sacrifices they consumed before their transformation, which influences the characteristics of offspring.
Though appearing as slovenly beast, Drenched hold inrcedible intellect and are near impenetrable due to being so engorged with Gods Blood.
The King of Rats (rough concept) by Quinn-Red
The King of Rats (rough concept)
One of the wild gods of Lardomum, known for trickery and espionage even in the years of the Lunar Gods reign. Many come to him in secret for information, curses or blessings of stealth.
Crowned Kunggallo by Quinn-Red
Crowned Kunggallo
A very petty wyrm, the Crowned Kunggalo often attempts to claim dominance over the smallest things, from trinkets to shacks. Throw some rocks at it, usually drives em off.
No Longer Man's: The Beluga Man by Quinn-Red
No Longer Man's: The Beluga Man
A cryptid of sorts, the Beluga Man is yet to be confirmed fact or folktale, but sightings and blurry photos will continue otherwise. The creature is reported to have first been spotted in Japan, a small creature with face like a noseless infant or monkey, long thick neck, thick bulbed tail, skin like a beluga whale (thus the name) and moves like a mix of dog and ape.

It reappeared in various areas around the Pacific, the most recent in Hong Kong. Apparently these sightings report it as ten feet (more or less) tall and it's mouth being able to open far past the lips, usually to engulf prey. It makes sounds like a mix of barks, hoots, and a scream that's description varies from witness to witness, implying it be indescribable.

The disappearance of children and pets along shore towns are often attributed to the BelugaMan in recent years, as well as missing fishermen.
Random nerd issue here!

So I've been in a AVP mood recently and thus looking up all the neat-o fan art for it. Most are pretty awesome, but one thing has been bugging me.
Why do we assume the predators we've seen are male, or that they even have different sexes?

Like, most of the attempts at female predators i've seen have breast and birthing hips because thats apparently the only way to identify females in alien species. But their like, wierd humanoid reptilian bug faced things.

It just seems so odd.

I personally had the headcannon that their neither male nor female, but can play roles we consider sex specific. Similar to hemaphroditic snails, they fight for who will bare young and who will deliver sperm or sperm equivelant. The winner gets to be the "male" and the loser "female", having to carry the fertilized eggs for a time until layed at a defendable location.

Maybe they've just skipped out on this entirely in favour of cloning or something.

Then again does it matter, we just wanna watch'em drop onto planets and fight people and aliens like cool guy monster mashs.


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Hi, I'm a self taught (non-professional) artist. I usually draw bizarre alien creatures that I give a story and a world for them to exist in. I play a lot of x box games which influences my art heavily. I hope someday I can get into concept art for games and movies, especially for designing monsters and other odd creatures.

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