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Corrupted Bear God by Quinn-Red
Corrupted Bear God
An old god of warriors, the bear god had become infested with serpents in the spiritual plain. The serpents forced him to conceive a physical form of his disciples flesh, and rise as a colossus.
Flamingo Rex by Quinn-Red
Flamingo Rex
A flamingo based colouring of a tyrannosaurus rex with a cartoony Albert Einstein riding on top, as requested by a friend.

Just as nature intended.
Vulgoth Goreger (naked) by Quinn-Red
Vulgoth Goreger (naked)
The largest and most bestial of the Vulgoth's Butcher breeds, Goregers are the tanks of the horde, able to take the damage and dish it back out. Though simple minded and lumbering, Goregers are a key in sieges, able to smash through any barricade and devour foes on the battlefield.
The cyclopian eye has incredible focus and allows the Goreger to never keep it's eye off it's goal of smashing through any in it's way. Despite being a major weak point, a shell develops upon the skull as the beast matures to protect the feature. This shell has earned them the nickname "ClamHeads" from Manavan troopers.

Goregers have a hate for sharp objects, so they are usually only ever equipped with blunt weapons such as clubs and iron knuckles. On occasion, Goregers have received modified Manavan heavy gatling guns to reduce enemies to mulch. Unfortunately their poor aim means allies may also get included with the mulch.

 Due to their child like mind, Goregers are difficult to suit with armor, often getting very distressed upon any form of restraint. Thus they require their other Butcher breed siblings to comfort them. This deep connection means that if a Goreger is slain, the horde will be enraged and will engage in further savagery.
No Longer Man's: Kansataur by Quinn-Red
No Longer Man's: Kansataur
1974, a unknown Vastator made landfall on the Emerald Isle, North California, hidden by the guise of a storm. The Vastator was only identified days later once the tornadoes that followed the creature began to cease. Named "Kansataur" as a joke, the name stuck as it strolled through to Illinois, claiming Chicago as it's main territory.
It is theorized that Kansataur generates storms through it's unique waste vents, pumping warm and cool air currents at high velocities, usually upon stress. Or it is simply attracted to storms for their high energy output and can track the exact location and time a storm will form, appearing as if it created it.
In the beginning...

There was the Creator, born of chance, defined by will. In it's nascency, it bore the contents of the universe, shedding matter from it's body and exhaling energy from it's mind. Stars and worlds clustered like marbles upon a surface, and the Creator played with these baubles with no care or plan.
From these games it created chaos, and this brought glee to the Creator, that is until it grew bored. The first negative feeling of it's existence, the Creator desired immediate relief, thus rather than destroy, it created.

The Creator organized the stars with worlds, creating solar systems, which collected into galaxies, and those gathered as super clusters, and so on. The Creator found peace in this order, and rested for an uncountable time, exploring it's dreams.

Upon awakening, the Creator discovered that some dreams had wandered from it's mind and settled the universe.These dreams had once been small, functioning only through accidents, yet now they stood on all sorts of limbs and roots, able to dream their own dreams. The Creator saw this as opportunity for a new game, but soon realized the dreams were to fragile for it to play with.

After tantrum, it created the Apothian, beings who were grander than dreams, but still quite mortal. The Apothian acted on behalf of the Creator, and traveled from world to world, arriving as genesis to some, destroyers to others. All of this brought much glee to the Creator, applauding as the universe shrank and grew due to the Apothian's work.

The Fist War
The Apothian, however, were afraid of their careless master, and deeply frustrated by the repetition of their task. As it grew more gratuitous, the Apothian felt dulled and loathing burned in their cores. A war between Creator and Creation began, the Apothian racing to slay their master, and the Creator summoning disaster with enthusiasm.

After generations of Apothian encroached upon the Creator with waves of attempted assassination, the Creator was growing slovenly and lethargic. With each passing wave, they approached closer and closer, until the last seven finally broke through. The Creator knew no fear until this moment, as it's creations began to tear and disembowel it.

Creation's Tomb
As the Apothian butchered the whaling Creator, it's cosmic entrails, all splattered across the universe, collapsed upon themselves in singularity. The corpse of the Creator developed into a realm known as the Perimort or Creation's Tomb.

Through the millennia, the Creator's mind and body formed into multiple powerful and impossible elements called "Mauchs". The descendants of the Apothian would exploit this realm to develop holy weaponry from the Mauchs, and soon their enemies would as well.
Pacific Rim Fan Kaiju: Krakatoa (2.0) by Quinn-Red
Pacific Rim Fan Kaiju: Krakatoa (2.0)
A redo of ol Krakatoa:…

Krakatoa was a category 3 kaiju that appeared in the centre of Upper Bay. It planted itself firmly on the bottom of the bay, strong talons digging deep, with only it's eye stalk poking to the surface. For 15 hours it bombed Brooklyn, New york, and Jersey city with plasma mortars blasted from it's organic canon sprouting from it's head.

Battleships and submarines were sent to hopefully disrupt it's constant volley, but instead they discovered that Krakatoa was spewing acidic kaiju blue from it's glands, ensuring it was near unapproachable.

Upon further study and scanning of the kaiju's biology, a flaw in it's anatomy was discovered. A Jaeger with especially thick armor was sent in to exploit this weakness. Moving as fast as a giant robot can, the Jaeger drudged through the acidic water, grappled Krakatoa, and with rocket propelled assistance, dragged the kaiju to the shore of Governors Island.

Due to lack of cooling from water and a poorly adapted coolant system, Krakatoa overheated in half an hour and violently exploded. The damage left the Jager in a decommissioned state and the structural damage to the area would take years to repair. Environmental damage was some what healed using chemical technology to reduce the acidic fluid to a neutral state.
Quazehir : The Coiling Tower by Quinn-Red
Quazehir : The Coiling Tower
The Caecilian serpent Quazehir was fifth of the Vermin Captains and most consumed with pride. A creature of pure animalistic might, Quazehir easily squeezed and crushed his Barbarian foes and was rife with ecstasy over the smell of blood of domination. He is the only Vermin Captain to lack servants as he feels that he is his own army. The closest thing to playing the part of servant are the symbiotic creatures that cling to his hide to feed on dead skin and parasites.

Once a simple caecilian living amongst the corpse pile of a dwarven graveyard, Quazehir clashed near constantly for territory against other caecilians. He was such a bold and  incredible fighter that he once strangled a cat with his body. Being such a small worm like amphibian, Quazehir desired to be something grander, to show the world that he was king of serpents. This wish would be granted by the devil, Wraskul, who unleahed his vermin bloodline and granted him great size, almost as big as his ego.

For centuries Quazehir was a menace, even after the failure of the Barbarian wars. He had trashed entire villages and grinded armies. All sorts of slayers attempted to end his menace, but he was far too massive. Only by the cunning of a mysterious and heroic magic thief did Quazehir's reign of crush end. Using a cadaver scroll from the HuskedLibrary, the Hero petrified the serpent into a stoney shell.

His rising serpentine pose and height earned his body the title "The Coiling Tower" and was in fact built over for some decades into an actual tower.  Despite his state, Quazehir may still be alive, as some report hearing old whispers.
Random nerd issue here!

So I've been in a AVP mood recently and thus looking up all the neat-o fan art for it. Most are pretty awesome, but one thing has been bugging me.
Why do we assume the predators we've seen are male, or that they even have different sexes?

Like, most of the attempts at female predators i've seen have breast and birthing hips because thats apparently the only way to identify females in alien species. But their like, wierd humanoid reptilian bug faced things.

It just seems so odd.

I personally had the headcannon that their neither male nor female, but can play roles we consider sex specific. Similar to hemaphroditic snails, they fight for who will bare young and who will deliver sperm or sperm equivelant. The winner gets to be the "male" and the loser "female", having to carry the fertilized eggs for a time until layed at a defendable location.

Maybe they've just skipped out on this entirely in favour of cloning or something.

Then again does it matter, we just wanna watch'em drop onto planets and fight people and aliens like cool guy monster mashs.


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Hi, I'm a self taught (non-professional) artist. I usually draw bizarre alien creatures that I give a story and a world for them to exist in. I play a lot of x box games which influences my art heavily. I hope someday I can get into concept art for games and movies, especially for designing monsters and other odd creatures.

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